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How to:  Properly Install All-Thread on to QRS
TM  Type Tables

Proper installation for All-thread rods into QRS type vibration tabletop inserts.

The most common reason for inserts coming loose from, or pulling out of, the table surface is the installation of all-thread without using washers between the nut and the tabletop.

If the washer is not used, the nut tightens on the top of the insert allowing the insert to rock during vibration.  This rocking will very rapidly loosen the insert and allow the threads to rip out of the table.

Nuts and washers must also be used when fixtures, clamps, or cross-bars are fastened to the table with all-thread or bolts such that a space exists between the tabletop and fixture/clamp bottom surfaces.

The torque for both 3/8-16 and M-10X1.5 grade 8 bolts and steel nuts should be between 23 to 30 FT-LBS. (31 to 41 N-m)

It is not advised to use stainless steel all-thread or stainless steel bolts with the QRSTM  type table as these have been known to jam within the table inserts.  The galling of the similar materials with similar molecular structure causes this jamming.
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